Hello, My name is Raffaella Hinchliffe the name behind Italian4U. I was born in Rome where I lived and grew up with my family. After I got married, I came to live in England. I’ve been an Italian teacher since 1998, and I worked at Huddersfield Kirklees College for 12 years, teaching different types of Italian courses, delivering a wide range of syllabus, from beginner’s classes to intermediate, advanced, conversation, GCSE and “A” levels’ classes.

I have also taught Italian to local businesses and I have provided a respected translation service.

I am passionate about my culture and my Italian heritage, especially about my language.

I am also very passionate about the Italian history of art, before I came to live in England I used to be an art restorer and I had some great opportunities to work in some amazing medieval and renaissance churches and buildings in the centre of Rome and the outlying areas of Rome.

I always spend my holidays in Italy with my children, my husband and with my Italian family. For me, it’s important to maintain strong connections with my roots and I would like my children to thoroughly understand and to accept Italian customs and traditions.

I look forward to working with you or your business.

Best regards,

Raffaella Hinchliffe